A creative soul does not have to limit herself to one medium.

Here you can discover the different ways how I express myself.

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Handmade gothic jewelry by Natascha Mattens
Handmade dinosaur jewelry by Natascha Mattens
Handmade jewelry by Natascha Mattens


A piece of jewelry is a way to show yourself. Striking, or rather subtle.

Nature is prominent visible in my creations.


My drawings are characterized by strong contrasts and a search for light. I often use washed ink or other greyscale materials


Charcoal drawing by Natascha Mattens


My favorite style in tattooing is realism. I love to work in black and grey and eye for detail.
I work at Dennis tattoo studio in Geraardsbergen (BE). Contact me or the tattoo studio to make an appointment.


Realistic tattoos by Natascha Mattens
Urbex photography by Natascha Mattens



In my photographic images I search for light and interesting compositions. Just like my jewelry, the beauty of nature attracts my attention. Decay and overgrowth are my favorite themes.


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